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Branch 001 became the first Royal Canadian Legion Branch formed outside North America and is located in the village of Söllingen, Germany. Söllingen is located just outside the former Canadian Forces Base Baden which is today the Baden Airpark. In 1980 when the Branch formed we could boast of a large membership however when the Canadian Forces departed CFB Baden in 1993 the future of the Branch looked grim but through hard work and dedication of the members that remained in this area the Branch survived. The Branch Clubhouse is presently located in the Gasthaus Zum Löwen in Söllingen.

Honour Roll

Although they are gone their memory will remain with us forever ... Lest We Forget

VeteranFrans Verhulst †  Frank as he likes to be called was born in 1927.  Frank became a member of Br. 001 in 1980. 

At the age of 13 the Germans had occupied Belgium.  It was a very difficult time for a young boy growing up.  One evening young Frank was walking home from school, he had a geography book under his arm, the Germans who were suspicious of everyone stopped him, and gave him a rifle butt to the head.  At 14 yrs old, Frank rebelled against his father who was pro-German.  He dropped out of school.  He and a friend started work for a company hired by Germany to build an airfield in Javencourt, France.  Frank was hired as a wagon driver delivering food and materials to the workers.  He gained the confidence of the Germans and was given a job as courier delivering messages from the airfield to other German camps in the area.  A year later Frank got involved with the French underground [FFI] and given code name No.14. In September 1944 the Canadians arrived in Belgium and Frank enlisted as a scout in the Algonquin Regiment, and later transferred to C-Company of the Queens Own Rifles.  At the age of 17 Frank joined the newly formed Belgium Army, where he served until the end of the war.  Frank has fond memories of the time he spent with Canadian Liberators. 

Frank was a proud and active member of the Legion and the Zone Europe Colour Party.  Of all his medals he said his Legion pin was the most important. 

GeoffSanger Geoffrey *1945 † 2011.

Geoff was born in London, England where in 1961 he would enrole in a Technical College and take a three year Appreniceship in Hair Dressing. He would work in his profession until 1965 when unfortunately due to a skin alleergy was forced to seek another career. Geoff would work for some yers in the ladies fashion business. In 1968 Geoff met a lovely young German girl who was taking a holiday in London after her graduation from trade school. In 1969 Jeoff and Monika were married and would eventually move to Neuweier, Germany where Geoff would work for some time in the family run restaurant business. During the years from 1977 until the closure of Canadian Forces Base Baden in 1991 you could find Geoff at the WO's & Sgt's Mess where he conducted his business as a Sales Representitive for Panasonic. In 1997 Geoff and his family bought a house in Sinzheim, near Baden-Baden where they lived until his sudden and untimely death on 30 April 2011 leaving behind his beloved wife Monika, two daughters Nichole and Claudia, two grandchildren Manuel & Isabel.

Geoffery was also a proud and active member of the Royal Canadian Legion who joined Branch 001 in June of 1997. In 2004 he was elected as Branch Treasurer a position he held until the recent 2011 elections where he was voted in as the First Vice President. Geoff also took an active roll in the many ceremonies the Legion conducted all over Europe as a member of the Colour Party. His easy going character and great sense of humor attributed to an instant acceptance as a valued comrade of the Legion. He will be deeply missed by his Branch and the many other comrades that had the pleasure of knowing him over the years here in Europe .... "We will remember him".

StewartMerlin Stewart *1963 † 2011.

Stew was the son of MWO John Merlin who following his school years took employment as a civilian at CFB Baden Söllingen where he worked until the Base closed in 1993. Following the closure of CFB Baden he would remain in Germany and would be employed with a local German firm. Stew joined the Royal Canadian Legion in 1986 where from the beginning as a young man was always ready and willing to help with any event or project the branch was involved with. Later he would become more focused on the Aims and Objectives of the Legion and eventually would be voted in as Second Vice President of the Branch a position he would hold until he was forced to give it up because of illness. Stew was also supportive of Zone and would travel to ceremonies as a member of the Colour Party as his work schedule would permit. His dedication to the Legion was again demonstrated last November when the president was in Canada and although Stew was battling cancer stepped forward volunteered and conducted a very successful Remembrance Day Ceremony for the Branch. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer and passed away on 14 March 2011. He will be missed by his Branch and remembered by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.  "We will remember him".

Thomas AndrewsAndrews Thomas John *1924 † 2008.

Andy was born on 29 December 1924 and grew up in Fort Erie, Ontario. In August 1943 Andy at the age of 19 joined the Canadian Army serving during the Second World War in Canada, England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. Andy would take his release from the Army in May 1946 for a short time but would join again as a career soldier in the Royal Canadian Engineers and find himself back in post war Germany in the early 1950’s. During his distinguished Army career he would do several other tours of duty in Germany. Self educated he would reach the top of his profession and retire from the Army as a Forman of Works Royal Canadian Engineer at Canadian Forces Base Halifax. His legacy, however, has to be the work he done with The Royal Canadian Legion. His endless work and dedication in organizing remembrance ceremonies throughout Europe was outstanding. His Legion work, however, went far beyond ceremonies in providing assistance to those unable to look after their well being. It seemed he had time to look after everyone but himself. Unfortunately Andy would suffer a stroke while attending a ceremony in the Netherlands in October 2003 that would render him unable to carry on his duties but Andy will always be remembered by us as Mr. Legion. His friendship has touched us all over the years. Andy passed away on 18 April 2008 and is buried in the Wittenweier cemetery. ...to read more about Andy

Sidney PhillipsPhillips Sidney *1924 † 2007.

Syd was an Air Force Veteran of World War II. He served with the Royal British Air Force. After the war Syd would transfer to the Royal Canadian Air Force as an Aero Engine Technician where he continued to serve until his retirement from the Canadian Forces in 1975. In addition to his military service Sid became an active member of the military community getting involved in many clubs, sports and organizations where ever he was posted. His last posting was at Baden Söllingen, Germany where on retirement from the Canadian Forces took up the position as a "Senior Driver Examiner" of Base Baden where he continued to serve the military community until the Base closed in 1993.

Syd was instrumental in the formation of the Royal Canadian Legion in Europe and was a founding member of Branch 001 in Söllingen. He worked on the Branch Executive for many years as Branch Secretary and Branch Membership Chairman. Syd was always available to assist with any Legion Project and his knowledge of Legion Operations was outstanding. He was a very interesting character with many jokes and stories to be told. He particularly enjoyed his card games and took a personal interest in helping the younger members of the Branch to feel welcome. Syd entertained us for many years as we traveled to ceremonies throughout Europe. In particular he knew the lyrics of all the old war time songs and could sing them for hours. Syd will be missed by his comrades not only at the Branch level but by the many friends he made all over Europe. Syd was cremated and is interned in the urn wall of the Söllingen Cemetery. "We Will Remember Him" 

Stone Harry *19 † 2005. Harry "We Will Remember Him"

Melton Frank *19 † 2002.

Frank was a Korean War Veteran, he served with the Queens Own Rifles of Canada, Canadian Airborne Regiment and The Royal Canada Regiment. He took his release from the Army while serving as a Warrant Officer with the RCR at CFB Baden Söllingen, Germany. As a civilian Frank took employment with the PERI Staff where he was responsible for the Schwarzwald Arena Operation and the care and maintenance of outdoor sports facilities. Frank was also a founding member of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 001 in Söllingen. By nature Frank was a very happy go lucky person and it was always a pleasure to be in his company. With the foreseen closure of CFB Baden in 1993 Frank and his wife Else moved back to Canada and settled in Monctom, New Brunswick where they resided until his untimely death. He will be fondly remembered by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. 

Elms Bernard *19 † 2002. "We Will Remember Him"

John HugganHuggan John *1930 † 2001. Piper John was born in Montreal where he would join the Canadian Army as a boy soldier in 1944 doing his initial training with the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders where he would become the batallion piper. In 1948 he would become a member of the renowned "The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada Pipes & Drums Band" where he would remain until May of 1951. In 1951 to 1953 John would serve as a chief instructor to the newly formed RCAF Pipes & Drums Band. In 1954 John would be posted to the Canadian Guards and the newly formed Pipes & Drums Band where in 1969 he would take over the band as the Pipe Major. In 1970 the Canadian Guards were reduced to nil strength and the pipes and drums went to the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, to become the pipe band of the battalion. In 1971 John was posted as the Pipe Major to Canadian Forces Europe in Lahr, Germany he would remain at this post until after a long and distinguished career took his release and would remain in Germany. More

We will remember them.

Scanlon Donald *19 † 2001. Don

Bilyck George *19 † 2001. George

Muend Christian *19 † 2000. Chris

Levis Arthur *19 † 2000. Art

Howell Mark *19 † 2000. Mark

Gaussiran Armand *19 † 1999. Gus

Gomke Guido *19 † 1999. Guido

Miron Wilfred *19 † 1999. Wilf

Giles Joseph *19 † 1998. Joe

Merlin John *19 † 1997. John

Hancock Ches *19 † 1997. Ches

Jones Dave *19 † 1996. Dave

Dolson Robert *19 † 1995. Robert

Donnett James *19 † 1995. James

Wells Ralph *19 † 1994. Ralph

Scales Harley *19 † 1992. Harley

Payne George *19 † 1990. George

Jones Tom *19 † 1989. Tom

Wilberforce Clive *19 † 1988. Clive

Cashmore John *19 † 1988. John

Heick Rudy *19 † 1983. Rudy